Vacuumsaver 已有20多年的歷史。提供各種真空食品儲存容器和真空袋,高效能的真空技術為你的食物延長5倍的儲存時間。真空環境更能大大縮短醃製食物的時間。玻璃盒耐高溫設計,-40°C至400°C使用溫度。適合焗爐、微波爐、冰箱及洗碗碟機使用。致力於解決消費者的煩惱,並提供最好的產品滿足客戶的需求。

Our specialty and focus is high technology products that store goods in an inert environment that a vacuum is formed within the storage enclosure.

We market this unique range of storage products internationally under the Vacuumsaver brand it is registered trademark in more than 30 countries around the world.

Vacuumsaver products are largely aimed at foodstuffs. We are proud of our innovative, market-facing approach to product design and we have received several awards from world-renowned industrial design organizations such as iF, Red-Dot and G-Mark.

We have gone to great lengths to protect intellectual property and designs. Accordingly, patents have been awarded in USA, Germany, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan – and so under application in many other countries in the world.

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