VACUUMSAVER Crystal系列3合1真空樽套裝


或分三期付款,每期為 $99.67

Crystal 系列塑膠樽Vacuumsaver 600ml / 1000ml / 1800ml + 真空泵。


Crystal Series Vacuumsaver
600ml / 1000ml / 1800ml
3pcs + pump per set

■ Vacuumsaver defines a new generation of food saver solutions, with convenience and style. With vacuumsaver you can keep your meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals, cheese and biscuits fresher than ever
■ Efficient Vacuum Function
■ Keep fresh up to 5 times longer
■ Good for marinating food. Speed up food marinate process
■ Worry free from odors or stains
■ Prolong the freshness and aromas
■ Enjoy food’s freshness as they were on day one
■ Worldwide patented
■ Made in Taiwan


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