Allocacoc 創意家居用品

Allocacoc – 一個來自荷蘭的創意品牌,將”與別不同的設計理念”及”對產品應用的革新標準” 重新融會,進一步提高現今市場產品的素質。

設計一件市場沒有的新產品,是”Creative創造”,但以不同標準重新設計並附加創新功能在現有產品中,這就是”Innovative創新”。 Allocacoc的始創人扭轉傳統萬能蘇及拖板的標準,創造出時尚、有趣和實用兼備的第一款產品: PowerCube


Allocacoc – Company Vision

a different standard.

Eventually we want to get at least one of our products into every household worldwide, from the richest household in NYC to the most remote one in Malawi.

This is a very ambitious vision, which influences everything we do, from design up to production and sales.

How it all started..

The first product of Allocacoc was the PowerCube. However, the initial sketches of this product looked very different from the version currently available on the market: the mounting system was just a plug, there was no USB, and also the grounding was absent.

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