Our mission is simple:

For individuals and groups to benefit from the product we bring to you.

Innovation Consultant (Asia) Limited盈豐拓展(亞洲)有限公司成立於2014年,致力為香港消費者引進高質素及高創意的產品。現時為HP行車記錄器、Onpro智能電話週邊產品、Nexum無線HiFi級音樂產品、Vistic車用香薰、Solgaard時尚旅行專品、Facecradle創意旅行頸枕、Omcare智能空氣潔淨機、及Allocacoc荷蘭創意品牌相關產品的香港及澳門地區授權獨家行貨總代理。

Innovation Consultant (Asia) Limited is established in 2014. We believe that high quality product is not the only part of a successful distribution company. A heart full of passion and providing excellent service becomes our basic value of all. Our goal is to bring the excellent product to the Hong Kong and Macau market, and strives for providing high quality service and support to our partners.