韓國 Vistic 是個追求生活化設計的香薰品牌,追求以人為核心的生活價值,反映當今生活方式的變化,堅持使用最優質的原料,打造美感與機能性兼具的產品。

外殼使用通過歐盟認證的丹麥 kvadrat 環保紡織面料,可防止色料移染機能且持久耐用;香薰油來自瑞士 Givaudan品牌,任君選擇!

Introducing Vistic


Vistic value ordinary daily life more than one of quick disappearing special moment. Visic like to be with in your everyday life and gives good feeling.
Vistic is exquisite living scent brand that reflects changing lifestyle in the present.


Vistic seeking anthropocentric values, believe artistically & functionally designed object and high quality ingredient makes positive changes
in people’s everyday life.


Kvadrat, a luxury textile brand, makes fabrics using eco-friendly methods. The fabric is well known around the world for its excellent prevention function and remarkable durability. This high quality fabric meets all the strict laws and standards and is also EU Ecolabel .

Fragrance Oil

Vistic scents & fragrances come from Givaudan, a Swiss manufacturer and the largest company in the flavor and fragrance industry in the world. We matched the various scents and fabric colours in order to provide you with a more personalized product. Furthermore, once you run out of fragrance you can simply purchase a refill and continue to use your Vistic.

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