Spinbox 入門 黑膠唱盤

Spinbox DIY手提黑膠碟機 ,是你進入黑膠世界的鑰匙!

有沒有想過家裏可以放置一部黑膠碟機,但又怕價錢太昂貴?有沒有想過可以在戶外都可以用黑膠碟機?有沒有想過黑膠碟機都可以自己親手設計? Spinbox 手提黑膠碟機就能夠滿足你三個願望!

Spinbox DIY手提黑膠碟機 就是屬於你的第一部黑膠碟機。我們希望用這台人人都能輕鬆上手的傻瓜唱機,與你一同進入黑膠的神秘世界。

A Simple, Affordable Way To Experience Vinyl Player.

Spinbox is lightweight and easy to carry. All you need is a portable charger and you can connect your own speakers.

With a built-in amplifier and speakers, this all-in-one design saves you the trouble of having to buy additional specialized equipment.

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