HP f890g Car Camcorder 超高清前後鏡行車記錄器

//HP f890g Car Camcorder 超高清前後鏡行車記錄器
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HP f890g Car Camcorder 超高清前後鏡行車記錄器


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  • 超高清1440p超高解像度。
  • 前鏡:超廣角156度f1.8特大光圈玻璃鏡頭、後鏡130度。
  • 3吋TFT高解像LCD。
  • 高速攝錄 – 720p@120fps / 1080p@60fps / 1440p@30fps。
  • G-Sensor重力感應器: 三軸重力傳感器,自動啟動緊急錄影功能。
  • 支援無間斷攝錄及64GB MicroSD/SDHC記憶卡。
  • 停車監控功能: 移動偵測及碰撞偵測。
  • 內置GPS及快相警示功能。
  • ADAS高級駕駛輔助系統: 大燈提醒、前車開動提醒、前車車距提醒、車道偏離提醒、自定限速提醒、駕駛休息提醒。
  • 內置收音咪。
  • 產品尺吋: 75mm x 58mm x 30mm,75g。
  • 包裝內容: i.HP f550g行車記錄器、ii.車充線, iii.擋風玻璃吸盤支架, iv.光碟片, v.說明書。
  • 原裝行貨,12個月保養,網上登記多送您3個月。

Out of stock

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Product Description

HP f890g
1. Advanced Super HD 1440p Video Resolution
2. High speed recording – 720 @ 120fps / 1080p @ 60fps / 1440p @ 30fps
3. 156 degree ultra-wide angle lens, f1.8 Aperture
4. 3 inch LCD Color Panel (TFT)
5. Built-in GPS allows for real time tracking of speed and heading using the 4-quadrant display
6. Built-in 3-Axis G-Force and motion sensor which supports event trigger Emergency Video recording
7. HDR (High Dynamic Range) & EV adjustment
8. Loop Recording Technology and supports up to 64GB MicroSD/SDHC
9. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), Motion Detection & Collision Detection
10. Speed Camera Alert
11. Built-in microphone
12. 89mm x 53mm x 28.5mm, 86g
13. Package Contents: i.HP Car Camcorder f550g, ii.Car Power adapter, iii.Camera mounting bracket, iv.CDROM with Software/UM, v.Quick start guide

1. Full HD 1080p Video Resolution
2. 130 degree wide angle lens, f2.0 Aperture
3. 42mm x 40mm x 25mm, 18g
4. Package Contents: i. HP RC2, ii. 5M USB cable, iii. Quick Start Guild, iv. Adhesive pad


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