OMCARE was founded in 1999. They focus on research and development, design and sales and have a number of self-developed patent projects, such as artificial intelligence development, bio-tech development, appearance design patent and so on. Their products detect and improve the quality of some life elements like air, water and food. In the development direction of the the idea of “Caring about what is of your concern”, Omcare integrates IC, ecology and design and launches a series of artificial intelligence products. Main business scope: Research, develop and design intelligent wireless switch, intelligent wired switch, home electronic equipment, environment sensor, environment detection equipment. Produce, sell, wholesale, import and export the above similar products. Main products: Aircare series; Watercare series; Lightcare series; Foodcare series. Personal intelligent home products make our life more beautiful though ecological and technological service.Corporate culture: mild, united and guardian attribute symbolizes the cooperation idea of the team. We embrace the earth and care about what is of our concern.